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Wide Width Roll Stock

Factory Seamed Barrier Materials Rewound to Rolls


In addition to barrier blankets and tarps, Heritage Packaging has the capability of seaming two, three or four webs of material together and rewinding it onto a core to form a roll of wide width barrier material. Wide width roll stock can accommodate any size asset; from auto engines to entire aircraft.
 Your personnel will save large amounts of time by not having to produce as many long, manual heat seals 
with cumbersome hand-held equipment; while ultimately producing a higher quality finished product.

All wide width roll stock manufactured by Heritage Packaging is produced in a clean manufacturing environment using industrial
 grade, electronically temperature controlled, pneumatically actuated heat sealers assuring that all welds are

The maximum width of rewound roll stock we can manufacture is 288”, from four 72” wide webs.

Heritage Packaging keeps three varieties of Wide Width Roll Stock in stock; a Mil-Spec foil lamination, a Commercial Foil Lamination, and a VCI Barrier Lamination. All of these items are over 15 feet wide and come wound on a core that is less than 5 feet wide. Please contact us for further information on our stock items or consult a Heritage Packaging Engineer for assistance with custom applications.