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Mil-Spec Barrier Blankets

Hermetically Heat Sealed Blankets and Tarps for Asset Export & Preservation

Mil-Spec Barrier Blankets and Tarps are manufactured with hermetic heat seals and can be made in any size or quantity from any Mil-Spec certified heat sealable

Mil-Spec Barrier Blankets and Tarps are frequently used when multiple size products must be packaged or when lead times are especially sensitive.

Using a prefabricated blanket saves on the onsite labor associated with producing long manual heat seals
 with cumbersome hand-held equipment and also the chance of those seals being faulty.

Whether you require a single blanket or thousands, we strive to keep our lead times to a minimum while adhering to the utmost standards in quality and craftsmanship for all of our products and Mil-Spec products are additionally produced in compliance with MIL-DTL-117 (formally known as MIL-B-117). Our quality program is based upon MIL-STD-1916 and MIL-STD-3010. MIL-PRF materials are also available that satisfy the WVTR established by MIL-STD-2073 Preservation Submethod 44.