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Gusset Bags & Pouches

Bottom Gussett & Side Gusset Bags and Pouches


Heritage Packaging owns and operates several state-of-the-art pouch machines and custom built heat sealers used to produce many different styles of gusseted bags and pouches. We are fully capable of processing large production orders and also have equipment dedicated to prototyping, start-up runs, and small batch processing all while adhering to the utmost standards in quality and craftsmanship for all of our products.

We can readily convert standard side gusset and bottom gusset pouches. Additionally, we have specialized in producing heavy-duty, side and bottom gusset, bags and pouches that are manufactured using thick laminations and co-extrusions for multitudes of industrial applications ranging from pelletized resins to two part epoxy containment.

Gusset bags are available in multiple sizes, multiple materials, and with multiple options. All gusset bags are heat sealed with minimum 3/8” hermetic welds. Gusset bags are manufactured in two orientations that yield different maximum dimensions. One style is limited in length while the other style is limited in width.

Bottom Gusset Bags have a maximum bag height of 72” and a maximum gusset depth of 36”. The width is unlimeted.

Side Gusset Bags have a maximum bag width of 72” and a maximum gusset depth of 36”. The height is unlimited.