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Liners For Dry Products

Protection for Dry Flowables in FIBCs, IBCs, Drums, Pails, Crates & Cartons


Companies requiring unquestionable protection from moisture, electrostatic discharge (ESD), and general contamination during the manufacturing process frequently rely upon form fit container liners for the storage and shipment of their product(s).

Heritage Packaging utilizes the highest quality raw materials and new, servo-controlled processing equipment to manufacture form fit container liners of the highest quality at economical prices. Foil liners are available in standard Gaylord, IBC, and FIBC sizes. We also possess the ability to produce over-sized liners automatically (form fit container liners can have a foot print of up to 72” x 72” and any height required).

Heritage Packaging specializes in manufacturing a wide variety of Gaylord Liners, Octabin Liners, IBC Liners, and FIBC Liners from proven barrier and non-barrier materials for storage and preservation applications.

Form fit foil barrier liners offer an impermeable barrier offering ideal protection from oxygen, moisture, grease, UV rays, ESD / EMI, and many other corrosion or contamination causing elements. Aluminum foil lamented materials help maintain product quality due to its low MVTR and OTR properties. Foil Barrier Liners are ideal packaging solutions for critical products such as pharmaceuticals, resigns, chemicals, adhesives, bulk toners, and other moisture sensitive dry products.

Multitudes of flexible materials are available to suit various levels of required protection and include aluminum foil barrier materials or polyethylene anti static and food grade materials. 4 mil polyethylene vapor barrier and 6 mil polyethylene vapor barrier fils are available. For increased Moisture Vapor protection Foil Lamination films are recommended. Fitments, valves, and glands are also available for liquid liners.

Consult a Heritage Packaging engineer for assistance with selecting an appropriate form fit Gaylord Liners, IBC Liners, Octabin liners, or any other custom moisture barrier bags for your specific needs.