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Art & Historic Works Preservation Products

Conservator Ralph Wiegandt’s introduction to Heritage Packaging came through daguerreotype research and preservation. Heritage Packaging engineered a barrier envelope with an air-tight zipper seal as a secondary enclosure for a significant daguerreotype collection. The value of Heritage Packaging’s products and facilities were obvious to Ralph, and Heritage Packaging responded by vesting itself in researching and developing promising solutions for art conservation and cultural property preservation through its new product line, ArtipaxTM.

Conservators know the challenges of sustainability and the ever-mounting costs of achieving environmental modification for large spaces, and that globally, conventional bricks and mortar—HVAC solutions will be increasingly financially un-achievable and environmentally unsustainable in the future.

As a result of the combined efforts of Ralph Wiegandt and Heritage Packaging working together on product development and potential market assessment, we have identified numerous applications that have significant potential to be developed and meet specific needs within the scope of art and historic works preservation.

Daguerreotype Enclosure Kit Contents

Daguerreotype Enclosure Kit Sealed

Modified Air Valve

Seal Testing

Modified Air Sensor

  • FLEXIBLE BARRIER FILM ENCLOSURES with proprietary closure systems, allowing as needed access for long-term storage of art and artifacts
  • SEALED PACKAGING SYSTEMS for works of art in transit and display
  • MODIFIED AIR ENCLOSURES for critical environmental demands
  • PEST ERADICATION SYSTEMS BY HYPOXIA Scalable and reusable flexible barrier film enclosures with valving systems
  • FREEZING AND COLD STORAGE Reusable and resealable barrier enclosures
  • FITTED COVERS for storage cabinetry and furniture to isolate and improve in-situ micro-environmental conditions
  • INDIVIDUAL ARTIFACT ENCLOSURES Flexible and scalable barrier film enclos

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