Barrier Packaging

Barrier Packaging Basics

Why Use Barrier Packaging?

There are two basic reasons for using barrier material for product packaging; one is to keep desirable elements in (such as flavor, aroma or a controlled atmosphere), and the other is to keep undesirable elements out (such as moisture, oxygen or other corrosive gases). Barrier Packaging is used to keep food fresh, prevent corrosion or rust, extend product shelf life and provide long term preservation.

What is MVTR?

Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) is a measurement of the amount of gaseous H2O that permeates through a material over a specific time and under specific conditions. It is also known as Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR). These measurements are utilized to “compare” the amount of moisture barrier that one material provides vs. that of another. If you have a product that must be kept dry (such as medicinal powder or metal components susceptible to rusting), then you would specify a package material with a low MVTR. The lower the MVTR value the “dryer” your product will be.

What are the Technical Terms?

Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate is measured in grams of vapor migrating through 100 square inches of material in a 24 hour period at a temperature of 100°F at 90% relative humidity. The nomenclature is: GR/100 sq. in./24 hrs.. The tests are done inside a closed chamber divided in half by the material to be tested. The top half will contain the moisture vapor and the bottom half is checked for the presence of moisture during the 24 hr. period. The lower the transmission rate the better the barrier provided.

What Should Be Considered?

With an innumerable amount of material choices now available; how is a product’s package ensured to be constructed from the highest performing yet most economical material? At a minimum the following criteria should be considered; MVTR, puncture resistance, tear resistance, service temperature range, method of closure or sealing of the package and oxygen transmission rate. Understanding the criteria and the effects they have on your products is essential. A professional with a strong working knowledge of these criteria and the materials that exhibit them is indispensable in arriving at the optimally effective packaging method for a product.

Note: These are approximate values and should be used for comparison only. The specific content of the material, the filling process, sealing process, ambient temperature and humidity can all have effects on the actual MVTR levels.

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Machine Run Pouches

Increase Shelf Life & Decrease Product Failure

Heritage Packaging specializes in the production of large and small runs of custom size, three seal, barrier pouches and offers:

  • Mil-Spec & Commercial Materials
  • Custom Materials & Sizes For Any Application
  • High Barrier Materials For Long-Term Preservation
  • Anti-Corrosion Products For Sensitive Parts
  • Complete Packaging Program Implementation

Applications & Markets Served Include

  • General Industrial Packaging
  • Commercial Packaging
  • Military Packaging
  • Aerospace Applications
  • Archival Storage Applications
  • Automotive Applications
  • Barrier Packaging
  • Controlled Atmosphere Packaging
  • Electronics Applications
  • Export Shipping Applications
  • Food Applications
  • Hazardous Materials Containment

Pouch Features

  • Ultra-Low Moisture & Oxygen Transmission Rates
  • Heat Seal Widths From 5/16" to 3/4"
  • Meet Leakage Test Requirements of FED-STD-101, Method 5009
  • Meet Requirements of Heat Sealed Seam Test of MIL-STD-2073-1 App. G.
  • Wrapped in Non-Abrasive News Print Paper, Typically 200 PCS/CTN
  • Packaged Neatly in Corrugated Cartons

Machine Run Pouch Options Include

  • Produced IAW MIL-DTL-117, or General Commercial Practices
  • MIL-SPEC Materials (ie. MIL-PRF-131J, MIL-PRF-121, MIL-PRF-22191, MIL-PRF-81705)
  • Multitudes of Commercial Materials Available
  • Barrier Layer of Foil, Metallized Film, or Clear Film
  • Ultra-High Tear & Puncture Resistant Film Layers
  • Ultraviolet Light Stabilization
  • Anti-Static & Anti-Corrosion Additives
  • Custom Sizes & Pilot Runs
  • Molded Fitment & Weldspout Installations

Pouch Closure Methods & Options

A pouch is only as good as the seal that closes it. Heritage Packaging recommends PackworldUSA’s T.O.S.S. heat sealers for their unmatched quality & reliability. When heat sealing is not a practical option consult a Heritage Packaging Engineer for other closure options such as pressure sensitive adhesives that can be applied to pouches in-line.

PackworldUSA is a manufacturer and distributor of validatable heat sealing equipment ranging from bench top heat seal models to floor-standing heat seal production machines including vacuum/purge and heat seal/cut packaging capabilities for a variety of heat seal materials and pouch shapes. Heritage Packaging recommends PackworldUSA T.O.S.S. Impulse Heat Sealers for use with machine run pouch programs. Consult a Heritage Packaging Engineer to select the optimal machine for your application or contact PackworldUSA directly and ask for the Heritage Packaging Pricing Program.

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Fully Validatable Impulse Heat Sealer PW 3016/PW 3024

Put this impulse heat sealer to the test. No heat sealing machine using thermocouples can even come close to its high-quality consistent, validatable and repeatable results.

This Packworld Impulse Heat Sealer is specifically designed to provide quality results and reliable performance for heat sealing of plastics and heat sealable composites in a production environment or Research & Development. The vertical feed allows the package to remain upright while being sealed.

Fully Validatable Heat Sealer PW 3116/PW 3124 (Vacuum Optional)

A variation of our popular PW 3016/PW 3024. The orientation of the jaw bars were modified on this model so the package can be inserted horizontally.

Packworld’s superior performance comes from our exclusive T.O.S.S. Technology, The Optimum Sealing System. It provides consistent and repeatable results, every time-heat seal after heat seal.

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Barrier Tubing & V-Sheeting

Barrier Tubing

Heritage Packaging manufactures barrier tubing by producing continuous 1/2" wide heat seals along both edges of two layers of laminated barrier material and rewinding onto a single core or spool.

Barrier Tubing Available As:

  • Narrow Width (4" to 46"OD) with low minimums and short lead times
  • Wide Width (48" to 60"OD) with larger minimums and longer lead times


Heritage Packaging produces single edge sealed sheeting from face widths of 36" (opens to 71") to 59.5" (opens to 118"). For applications where standard roll widths are too small. V-sheeting is extremely useful for export packaging cover fabrication and outdoor storage applications.


Ours or yours – We convert single-wound composite laminates such as clear nylon or pet/polys, traditional film/foil/polys and today’s multi-layered high performance materials into the products pictured above (MIL-SPEC, Commercial & FDA grade Barrier Tubing & Blankets).

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Bulk Container Liners

Due to the divergent needs of our customers, and to deliver the highest quality product possible, Heritage Packaging does not keep any finished product in stock. Instead we work with each customer to provide the best solution for their specific application at a competitive price. Liners are manufactured for small cartons and pails, large drums, bulkbags & gaylords and larger containers such as roll-off dumpsters and railcars. All custom orders are welcome.

Liner Configurations

  • Two Dimensional Flat Bags
  • Three Dimensional Square Bottom Bags
  • Side Gusset Bags
  • Single/Multi-Ply Laminated Materials

Common Options

  • Fill / Discharge Spouts
  • Support Straps
  • Vacuum Valves
  • Reinforcements

Markets Commonly Served

  • Dry Flowables
  • Liquids
  • Pastes

Types of Protection Offered

  • Moisture Vapor Barrier
  • Gas Barrier
  • Electro-Static
  • Thermal

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